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Trading in the path of worldly pursuits for one that leads to hope and life, together we become The Pursuit Collective.
Mark Koch
We live in a world of endless pursuits: wealth, fame, adrenaline. For most, these pursuits are saturated within the objective of building a frail identity. In the end they are quickly fleeting and empty.
What if there was a single pursuit that was intended for every person. A pursuit that could fulfill our deepest longings and desires.
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Michael Johnston
Creative Director
Justin Coats
Launched under the umbrella of the mission organization Ride Nature, The Pursuit Collective is the creative journalism arm that exists with the mission of sharing the pursuit of truth and purpose.
Our goal is to curate content that invokes thought, illuminates stories, and bears witness to the true Light.
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Davey Wright

Our Core Values

Through a team of contributors each sharing a similar passion and desire to see a transformation within our culture, we are working to shape the Pursuit Collective into a powerful tool to be used for evangelism and discipleship globally.

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Our mission is centered around the desire that every person we reach would have the chance to see, hear, and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our hope is that this is evident through each article or story we share as we work to continue reaching the subculture of those a part of the art, music, and action sports communities.
We can’t do this alone. Few go, but it takes many to send. We are entirely crowd funded through the generous support of individuals, churches, and business partners. We would love to invite you to partner with us by giving financially so that we can continue to curate content and share it with the world.

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