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August 3, 2021

Secret Place

Our family has a spot deep in Baja that is our refuge. Every June we feel the pressure of finals, school projects and a serious need to disconnect from all devices. We hit this breaking point and know it is imperative we escape the craziness. Around July when the pressure feels too much we get in our 1991 RV and start the 24 hour journey south. The road isn’t easy in the Warrior. We have to cross from the Gulf to the Pacific multiple times and it’s well over 100 degrees in the RV.

The road is full of speed bumps, Federale check points, the inevitable flat tire, and at least one stop at a mechanic. This isolated little town has no cell service, and at our local camping spot at 2nd point, there is no WiFi. When we finally pull up to the peeling right hander, boards are quickly unloaded and the whole family is charging the water. Some are paddling up to 3rd and 4th point where it’s heavier and the rest of our crew cruise to the mellower right at 2nd. The days that follow are filled with 6+ hour surf sessions, warm dutch oven desserts, family card games, and a sweet community of fellow travelers that come down at the same time every year.

Last week we got home from this perfect paradise. We always ask ourselves if the drive is worth it. The uncertainty of the roads and whether the Warrior has one more trip in her comes up incessantly. We question our sanity and wonder if it will pay off. In our Christian walk we struggle with these same doubts. Is it worth it to follow God? Following Jesus can feel challenging, sacrificial, and bumpy. The road often feels like a constant battle with culture.

Psalm 38:4 says “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

Here David says yes! It’s worth it! The road may be hard but lean into him and taste and see how good God is. Even when our lives feel crazy or we are at a breaking point, make Him your refuge. We love to journey to amazing surf spots but the only true refuge and paradise can come from living a life with Jesus. Are you leaning into Him as you feel the pressure of the world around you? Are you tasting and seeing just how good God is?