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March 15, 2024

Through The Lens: Nicaragua

We recently traveled to our Latin American Headquarters in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, to build a concrete mini ramp on our property to provide additional means of engaging and interacting with the local youth and the greater community as a whole. We count it a blessing each time we have the opportunity to reunite with our Nicaruagian ohana, and this trip was no different. Our crew arrived curious and excited to see how this project would come to fruition.

Partnering with our friends from Refuge Foundation in Billings, Montana, the Burmeister family, and an unbelievably skilled batch of Nicaraguan concrete workers, we felt well-equipped to tackle such a significant endeavor in just a few days. Before we knew it, bags of cement, sand, and gravel had been delivered to La Casa de Ride Nature, ready to be transformed into an incredible addition to our ministry.

The days that followed consisted of good old-fashioned hard work, loud country music, laughter, a few blisters, and a lot of concrete mixing.

The final product was a ramp that blew our expectations out of the water and produced endless stoke for a group of local skaters who now have a halfpipe in their hometown! In proper Ride Nature fashion, we celebrated the success with an entire afternoon of sharing waves at one of our favorite beaches and a BBQ dinner to end the night.

The Lord's favor was evident in every aspect of this endeavor, and we are so grateful to have reunited with our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua once again. Every time we return or simply speak with them over the phone, we are humbled and overjoyed by all that the Lord continues to do in and through the ministry unfolding in San Juan del Sur.

Please join us in praying for the citizens of Nicaragua and, even more specifically, the people of San Juan del Sur. Our prayer is that this feature will provide a space to bring the community together, that it will be a place where people hear the name of Jesus for the first time, and that it will be a ramp where lives are transformed into new creations for many years to come!

All photography by Morgan Clarke

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